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Herbal teas are a great way to provide healing nutrients in an easy to assimilate nutrient-rich format that is additionally hydrating to the body. They are simple to make, requiring only two basic ingredients: hot water and high quality plant material.

Whether you like to drink cups of tea or prefer using them in soups or various blended drinks, they act as enriching herbal super-food restoratives and are one of the best ways to super boost your immune system and replenish your health.

For centuries cultures around the world have been drinking herbal tea for its health benefits and taste.

It is best to drink herbal teas that don’t add colours, flavours or sweeteners. You can always add a small amount of honey or stevia if required or a slice of lemon is nice.  The method is simple, just bring water to the boil and pour over a teaspoon of herb/s in a teapot, coffee plunger or an infuser which sits in a cup. Leave for 5-10 minutes or longer to bring out all the active constituents of the herbs.

The therapeutic benefits are well known

  • 1 gram (1 teaspoon) of quality medicinal herbal tea is equivalent to 1000mg, which is a grunty amount of benefit going straight into the blood stream and going into the organs and cells within minutes.
  • Teas are a great way to help get your water amount each day, hydrating the body.
  • Great way to get benefit from herbs if anyone has difficulty swallowing tablets.
  • Suitable for children through to the elderly.
  • A standard tea infusion is made from leaves, flowers, roots or seeds.

Some of the well know herbal teas are chamomile, peppermint and dandelion, although there are many, many herbs available. At The Herbal Dispensary we have over 40 loose leaf herbs to choose from i.e.

  • St Mary’s thistle – for liver health
  • Siberian ginseng – adaptogen, immune modulating, stress, tonic
  • Skullcap – nervine, tension, anxiety, restless sleep
  • Lemon balm – digestion, antiviral, insomnia, anxiety
  • Horsetail – urinary tract infections, contains silica – strong hair & nails
  • Elderflower – common cold, influenza, hayfever, sinusitis

Often we will make up individual combinations for use with various conditions.  Following is just a small example of how we can combine our  loose herbs:

  • Immune – echinacea, elder flower, golden rod, yarrow, licorice
  • Sleep – passionflower, skullcap, lavender, lemon balm (can add valerian, hops)
  • Cystitis – horsetail, corn silk, couch grass, golden rod, echinacea, bearberry
  • Digestive – kawakawa, chamomile, lemon balm, dandelion root, fennel
  • Prostate health – willow herb

We also stock the beautiful Artemis organic range of teas, including:

  • Repower Green Tea – sencha green tea, st johns wort, rosemary, licorice, spearmint – full of antioxidants, refreshing, coffee replacement
  • Slim & Trim – Yerba Mate, mint, olive leaf, dandelion root, cinnamon, nettle
  • Pregnancy Tea – raspberry leaf, lady”s mantle, nettle, lemon balm, St John’s wort, Horsetail, Yarrow
  • Breastfeeding Tea – fennel, aniseed, chamomile, nettle, raspberry leaf
  • Cool and Calm Tea – Motherwort, licorice, St John’s wort, yarrow, hops, sage, lavender –for peri- menopause, menopause
Sue Ashby

Sue Ashby


Sue brings a wealth of knowledge to our store, having worked extensively in holistic and natural health care for over 8 years.

Graduating from the Canterbury College of Herbal Medicine in 2006, she has been sharing her wisdom and skills to our customers since 2007.
Sue Ashby

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