Introducing the CARB Choice AMY1 genetic test

Are you confused about Carbs?

The Amy1 test can help.

The Carb Choice AMY1 test is a new genetic test which reveals how your AMY1 gene effects your personal response to starch in carbohydrates. This simple saliva test is invaluable if you want to understand how your body metabolizes and tolerates Carbs, and how to make the best food choices for your personal AMY1 profile.

This is the test for you if you’re:

  • Confused about your Carbohydrate intake
  • Overweight
  • Unable to lose weight
  • Having trouble maintaining weight loss
  • Tired of FAD diets
  • Diabetic or Insulin Resistant
  • Food sensitive
  • Experience bloating and uncomfortable after eating

What will be knowing my AMY1 Gene copy number tell me?
Knowing your AMY1 Gene copy number variation will tell you if you have a reduced amount of amylase which is an enzyme in your saliva needed to break down starch. If you have a low copy number this means you have a low tolerance to higher starch diets and higher starch diets may increase your chance of being overweight and diabetic.

How Does Carb Choice Work?
Making informed dietary choices is not always easy. Your AMY1 Carb choice genetic profile report will help you understand your personal response to starch and carbohydrate. A personalized Nutrition plan can be designed for you. This will inform you on how much carbohydrate you should eat for optimal health and weight, and which kind. Understanding your genetic predisposition means no more guesswork and a personalized health plan that works for you.
This programme will be tailor made to your personal needs and consider factors including

  • How much Carbohydrate you should eat per day
  • Which ones you should avoid and which ones are preferred
  • Carbohydrate use for energy and sport

Anita Roy Chaudhuri
Anita is a fully qualified Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist with twenty years’ experience and Offers Carb Choice AMY1 Testing and personalized nutrition programs in her clinic her at The Herbal Dispensary.
To Book an appointment contact the herbal dispensary or book online
To find out more about AMY1 Test and Anita’s Consultations please contact her on:
027 284 0096

Anita Roy-Chaudhuri

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