Easy detoxification tips

How to reduce your intake of pesticides and chemicals

1) Wash fruit and vegetables well before storing them away. 1/2 cup of white vinegar in a sink of water will do the trick. Better still, buy organic foods if possible – minimise exposure to agricultural chemicals

2) Dry Skin brushing. Before your daily shower, spend 5 minutes brushing your skin from head to toe using small circular movements. This helps increase circulation and breaks down fatty deposits

3) Buy organic skin/haircare products to give your body a break from its toxic load. Did you know that the average woman lathers over 500 chemicals onto her body every day?

4) Buy or make your own chemical free household cleansers – these are easy to make and will save you money.

5) Avoid storing food in plastic containers or using plastic wrap. Instead opt for glass, ceramic or stainless steel. That goes for your drink bottle too. Don’t fall for the “BPA free” trap – there are many more harmful chemicals in plastic.


Benefit your body with this tips

Move – Exercise and movement are a very important part of the cleansing process. It helps improve circulation, expels toxins, and relaxes the body and mind through the release of endorphins. Non Exercise Aerobic Training (NEAT) can easily be incorporated in your day as it does not involve the gym or going for a run. It simply means MOVE – get up out of your chair every ½ hour, take the stairs, walk where possible.

Sweat- schedule time to enjoy an infrared sauna or steam room which will help to increase circulation and assist with the elimination of toxins through the skin

Hydrate – drink enough water each day to help flush your system.

GO Green – Incorporate Green Smoothies into the diet. Load up your blender with green leafy vege (spinach and kale), add carrot and celery, throw in an apple, and some chia or linseeds, grind some nuts to pop in (or a protein powder), add some detox greens (such as chlorella, wheatgrass and spirulina). add water and blend. There are many variations, and many recipes on line. Try replacing your high carb breakfast with a smoothie and see the difference!


The Detox Diet in a Nutshell

Lighten up for spring

  • Eat an abundance of fresh vegetables, include lots of raw and green vegetables
  • Eat fresh fruits, but avoid those canned, crystallised or dried.
  • Indulge in spices, nuts, and seeds
  • Avoid refined grains (pasta, bread, white rice, cereals etc.) and keep whole grains in moderation
  • Avoid gluten and dairy. Both of these are inflammatory in the body and are not well tolerated by many.
  • Eliminate processed, refined foods. If it is in a packet it is most likely loaded with additives, preservatives, sugar, salt, artificial sweeteners, and artificial colours. A good question to ask yourself is “does this look like the food it claims to be?” For example a fruit rollup does not look anything like an apricot or berry, nor does a chicken nugget have any resemblance to a piece of chicken.
  • Lower your carbohydrate intake. See above in moderating grains. This also includes cakes, sweets, cookies, soft drinks and anything else loaded in sugar
  • Include fresh lean meat, but avoid mince, sausages and processed meats
  • Eliminate coffee and regular tea – or at least cut down to one a day. There are lovely herbal teas available that assist with detox, digestion, sleep, anxiety ….. we are not referring to supermarket teas, but high quality herbal products.
  • Up your water intake!! Flush your body and re-hydrate.

Enjoy good food. Salads, steamed vege, smoothies, eggs, fish, chicken, fresh vege, nut and seeds, hummus, homemade curries, smoothies etc. You will feel great!

Vanessa Winter

Vanessa Winter

BHSc (CompMed), BEd, Adv.Dip.Herb.Med., Adv.Dip.Nat.

Trained at South Pacific College of Natural Therapies in 2000, Vanessa brings over 15 years natural health care experience to our store. She was appointed manager in 2012 and is the co-founder of Advanced Naturopathics, a Christchurch naturopathic clinic.

A former teacher, Vanessa is a registered Naturopath, Medical herbalist and a Bioresonance practitioner.
Vanessa Winter

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