Deep Sleep Balm



15-20 gms Cocoa butter or Beeswax

80-85ml Vegetable oil (Apricot kernal, Sweet Almond or Jojoba oils are the best to use as they are relatively heat stable) *

5 drops Cedarwood essential oil

5 drops Lavender essential oil

5 drops Marjoram essential oil

4 drops Orange essential oil



Melt the beeswax or cocoa butter with the vegetable oil in a double boiler. (Place the beeswax and vegetable oil in a bowl and put the bowl inside ensuring that the water does not get into your mixture and slowly bring to the boil.)

Once the mixture starts to cool add the essential oils and stir in thoroughly.

Pour into glass jars cap and and label.

* An alternative to using the beeswax/vegetable oil mixture is to use 100gm of shea butter which is prepared in the same way as above.

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