Do you want to eat better ? Detox Your Cupboards First

For most of us, the majority of our eating happens in the home. So what better place to begin your commitment to healthy eating than a good cupboard and fridge clean out? Cupboards full of healthy ingredients are more likely to lead to healthy meals and lunchboxes and ultimately a healthier and more vibrant you.

The first step to healthy eating is having a good look at the foods in your kitchen. If you have had a long and stressful day -get home grumpy and starving at 8 pm and there is a packet of chocolate biscuits in the house what’s going to happen? We have all been there, they will be wolfed down at great speed and hardly touch the sides. Got a family to feed and you just got home -its six o clock and everyone’s starving? Reach for those frozen pizzas and pop them in the microwave. The problem is it’s just too easy to make poor food choices if you have not sorted out your cupboards first.

What’s the definition of insanity?  Doing the same things and expecting the same result! If you have made a commitment to eating a healthier diet, then you need to get the foundations right for success. Having cupboards full of processed sugar filled foods generally means they are going to get eaten at some stage -right?

The first step towards healthy eating is to get rid of the junk – ALL of it – No exceptions, and yes it may mean throwing some food out into your green bin. But that’s got to be better than throwing it into your precious body.

So here’s what needs to go:

# Breakfast cereals- These are mostly processed packets of refined grains with added sugar and preservatives. They will leave you feeling poorly nourished and hungry and craving for sugar-  setting you up for a sugar craving roller coaster ride of a day.

# Processed and Convenience foods- Packet meals, packet sauces, frozen meals, frozen pizzas, pies. Mostly they contain a long list of chemicals, sweeteners and additives as well as hydrogenated poor quality fats. Aim to eat real food and avoid packets that promise health but deliver nothing.

# Biscuits, cakes and sweets- If you do not have these foods in the house you will not be able to eat them when you are hungry, or after dinner when your body is craving a sugar hit. Just start not buying them.  Avoid the biscuit aisle in the supermarket, you do not need them

# Anything out of date – Most of us have food in our cupboards that is out of date, including out of date spices. Fresh spices and herbs will have greater health benefits. It’s time to get fresh and organized.

​# Cheap Supermarket oils- Any oil that is in a clear plastic bottle is going to be rubbish. Select only extra virgin, cold pressed and organic oils. Yes, they will cost you more, but just think about the money you’re saving on biscuits, breakfast cereals and packaged food!

​Remember your environment has a huge effect on your food choices. Detox your cupboards today, as this can have a profound effect on your eating patterns and health long term. These simple changes will improve the quality of your diet profoundly.
Long after your “Detox-diet” has ended -it’s your healthy cupboards which will keep you on track.

Anita Roy-Chaudhuri

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