Practitioner: Anita Roy-Chaudhuri

Anita Roy-Chaudhuri is now practicing at Helios Health

Medical Herbalist, Registered Nutritionist (associate) and Natural Fertility Consultant

BHSc, PGDip Human Nutrition, Dip.Phyt. Cert.Natural Fertility

Anita is a senior Naturopathic consultant and practitioner with nearly 25 year’s clinical experience. She is a qualified Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist with over 15 years experience as a natural fertility consultant.

She holds a Health Science degree, a postgraduate qualification in Human Nutrition and is an associate registered Nutritionist.  Anita works extensively with women’s health and is passionate about the role of natural medicine and nutrition in this area.  Anita is trained in the dietary management of IBS and has completed the low FODMAP for IBS training with Monash University in Australia.


General health and wellness

A comprehensive assessment of your diet, lifestyle and specific health concerns. It includes personalised dietary advice and prescriptions for any recommended herbal medicines/nutritional supplements.

Initial assessment/consultations (60 minutes) $120
Follow up consultation (30 minutes) $60
Longer follow ups (45 minutes) $90
Nutrition Consultations

Anita is a NZ Registered Nutritionist and consultations may be covered by your private health insurance.  Check with your provider to find out more.

Nutrition and healthy eating consultations

A comprehensive assessment of your diet factoring in your age, weight, exercise, muscle mass, food intolerances and general health needs. Personalised nutrition advice to help make great food choices, including meal ideas, portioning and motivational coaching for lasting dietary change. Ideal for those seeking to lose weight, maintain healthy cholesterol, blood sugar levels and heart, optimise diet for sport performance and fitness increase vitality and work with food allergies/intolerances.

First consultation (60 minutes) $120
Follow up consultations (30 minutes) $60


Consult packages can save you money we well as keeping you on track with your goals.

Basic Nutrition Package

Includes the initial consultation plus 2 follow up consultations.  Great for ongoing support, inspiration and motivation.  This package is perfect for those wanting to look in depth at food intolerances, sensitivities and the FODMAP diet for IBS

30 Day Wholefood Diet Re-Set

Re-set your diet and digestion by embracing a wholefood diet with minimal processed foods.  Learn how to nourish yourself well for optimal health, energy and digestion.

Perfect for people who want to:

Embrace wholefood eating

Reduce inflammation

Kick the sugar habit

Detox and tune up

Package includes initial consultation and 2 follow up consultations.

Ten Week Weight Loss and Healthy Eating Package

A motivating five session weight loss program over ten weeks that includes a personalised nutrition plan to suit your lifestyle and health requirements. Includes meal suggestions and helpful tips such as portion size, eating times and what foods to avoid. The plan includes goal setting at each session and an emphasis on unprocessed and additive free wholefoods.

Ideal for ongoing support, motivation and encouragement to help all the way along the path to achieving and maintain your ideal weight.

First consultation (60 minutes)
Four consultations (30 minutes each)
OR “Better Together” Ten Week Weight Loss and Healthy Eating Package

A perfect package for couples for ongoing support, motivation and encouragement to help achieve and maintain weight goals for both of you.

First consultation (60 minutes)
Four consultations (30 minutes each)

* Please note the terms and conditions of the packages

  • All packages need to be paid in full after the first consultation
  • Consultations need to be used within 6 months of the first consultation
  • Additional charges may apply for detailed written diet analysis, diet tracking and reports
Natural Fertility consultation

A personalised programme for couples that covers preconception, conception and pregnancy to ensure parents to be are in optimal health prior to conception. Preconception health care can help:

• Enhance fertility in both females and males

• Decrease chances of miscarriage and premature birth

• Optimise your nutrition for enhanced fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

Introduction (15 minutes – in person/phone) Free
Natural Fertility management

I offer a specialised Natural Fertility management program that provides essential, safe and effective treatments for parents to be during preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. The programme focuses on achieving optimal health for parents to be prior to conception. Preconception healthcare can help:

• Improve fertility in both females and males

• Decrease the risks of miscarriage and premature birth

• Decrease the risk of congenital malformations

• Improve general and reproductive health

• Optimise your nutrition for enhanced fertility and healthy pregnancy.

First consultation for couples (90 minutes) $170
Follow up consultation (45 minutes) $90
IVF support consultation

A supportive Holistic integrative Medicine programme that focuses on nutritional and lifestyle factors to achieve a genetically healthy conception pregnancy and birth. Ideal for those requiring IVF or other assisted reproductive techniques including IUI, ICSI or donor eggs.

Introduction (15 minutes – in person/phone) Free
First consultation (90 minutes) $170
Follow up consultation (45 minutes) $90


If the appointment time and/or duration listed below does not suit you, please call or email us to discuss making an appointment that does.

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Fertility and women’s health

Clinical Nutrition

Herbal Medicine

• Ayurveda

“I trained in England and graduated as a Medical Herbalist in 1992 and have since extended my professional services to include Nutrition, Natural fertility and preconception health care, as well as Ayurveda. I believe in integrated health care, incorporating both preventative and health optimising approaches to wellbeing. I am passionate about helping people find their motivation to make positive health choices.” — Anita

CLIENT FEEDBACK (scroll to view)

Nutrition and health

“I have been seeing Anita for 4 months and am feeling so well because of her advice. I am now on a special eating plan and am watching my weight drop. In addition, I have lots more energy and my skin is glowing. Having followed up appointments has helped me stay on track and I really like how she works holistically with stress management and eating plans. Thanks so much for your help Anita. — Janine

Fertility treatment

“After two miscarriages, I was feeling pretty much like I was never going to stay pregnant. I came to see Anita, as there was not much the Doctors could suggest to help. Anita sent us for more testing and we started on a Naturopathic supplements and herbs, and made some changes to how we ate. We were overjoyed when a year later we had a beautiful healthy baby girl, after a stress free pregnancy. I am loving being a mum and am so glad I went to see Anita, and grateful for all her help getting us here.” — Kelly & Hamish

General wellness

“After months of trying to figure out what was going on with my gut, a friend recommended I see Anita. Anita really listened to me and took the time to help pinpoint what was going on. I found her professional, knowledgeable and patient. Six months later I feel so much better, her remedies really worked and I have changed how I eat and have so much more energy. Thanks so much Anita.” — Rachael

Natural Fertility treatment

“We cannot thank Anita enough for all her wonderful advice and support while we went through our rounds of IVF. We had tried for 4 years to conceive without success. I was highly recommended to contact Anita, by a close friend who had also used Natural Fertility whilst trying to get pregnant through IVF. We had already lost our first baby at 6 weeks, so I was wanting to do anything that would help improve our chances of having a successful outcome on our next round.

Anita, was very thorough with her questions and information she required from me. Not only was she caring and sensitive to us at this time but also very supportive. She prescribed a mixture of natural herbs and medicines for both my husband and I.

We now have two beautiful boys and currently pregnant with our third. All three rounds of IVF we have sought the advice and support of Anita and her wonderful team at Natural Fertility. We will always be eternally grateful.” — Lucy & Rhys


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