Bach Flower Essences

Created by Dr. Edward Bach during the 1920’s and 30’s after being diagnosed with a brain tumour and given weeks to live.  He felt he had a lot more still to do in his life and he believed that attitude of mind plays a vital role in maintaining health and recovery from illness.


He died 20 years later in his sleep. Whilst he was developing the flower range he would take on certain emotions until he found the right flower remedy for that particularly emotion. The flower remedies, Impatiens, Clematis, and Mimulus would become the starting point of the Bach Flower Remedy System. Impatiens is for those who are impatient and easily irritated, Clematis is for a lack of interest in the present and daydreams, and Mimulus for fear of known causes such as flying, dentist, death or even spiders.

The flowers work on an emotional level and are divided into 7 categories – fear, uncertainty, over sensitivity, over-care for others welfare, loneliness, insufficient interest in present circumstances and despondency and despair. The flowers work to help transform less helpful emotions and feelings into positive emotions and states. For example, Larch aids people who feel a lack self-confidence and feel inferior to others into feelings of courage, resourcefulness, self-love and other supportive sensations.

The Bach Flower Remedies are suitable for all ages including babies and also animals and plants. There is no right or wrong way to select a flower remedy or way to use them. Often a flower remedy will resonate with you more than others. Six to seven remedies are chosen from the 38 and put into 1 dropper bottle which is then used throughout the day, either in water or under the tongue.

The flowers do not contraindicate with prescription medication and are often used as an adjunct with herbal preparations.

On a personal level, whenever I transplant or move a plant I always give Rescue Remedy to help the plant adapted to its new place or even if it needs a helping hand

Below are some examples of the individual flower remedies and what it can be useful for

Star of Bethlehem – for shock in any form or an accident or sudden sad news. It can also be used for grief, the ending of something such as a relationship, or an event that changes our lives. Star of Bethlehem neutralises shock and the effect of shock whether immediate or delayed. The comforter and soother of pains and sorrows

Rock rose flower essence for terror, panic. Or a child’s terror from a nightmare, 4 drops in a little water sipped frequently will quickly calm

Walnut flower essence – is the remedy for the transition stages in life. It is also for protection against outside influences and for facing major life changes. Also used for cats who are moving house and to help them adapt to their new environment. Walnut is of much value when making big decisions such as changing jobs, moving house

The Herbal Dispensary stock the full range of the Bach Flower Essences and can help assist with selecting the appropriate remedies for you

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