Getting a better nights sleep

Bedtime tips to help you sleep easy

Unwinding at night is not only useful it is beneficial to help you relax before bedtime.


1) Essential oils – add a few drops of lavender oil to an evening bath, or onto a tissue beside your pillow.

2) Meditation  – it decreases the activity of the mind

  • Breathing exercises
  • Low light level (i.e. candle light)
  • Relaxing classical musical may help to assist the unwind process


3) No TV or Facebook – avoid watching TV or using the computer for at least 1½ hours before bed (preferably 2 hours) is a great way to encourage your mind to switch off too!


4) Avoid electromagnetic radiation (EMF) in the bedroom – it disrupts sleep patterns and your hormonal balance

  • Remove all electrical appliances from the bedroom, including your mobile phone
  • Use a battery operated alarm clock, if necessary
  • Unplug an electric blanket from the wall socket prior to getting into bed
  • Do not charge cell phones near the bed


5) A glass a milk! Warm 200ml of milk.  Drink one hour before bed (if appropriate for you)



After 5pm avoid foods containing tyramine. These include:

  • Banana (the riper, the higher the tyramine)
  • Pizza
  • Processed and cured meats
  • Avocado
  • Liver, especially pate
  • Cavier
  • Cheese.  Most aged cheeses contain high tyramine.  Cream and cottage cheese contain virtually none.
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol (especially red wine and champagne)
  • Soy (fermented) i.e. soya sauce, tofu, miso, tempeh


Vanessa Winter

BHSc (CompMed), BEd, Adv.Dip.Herb.Med., Adv.Dip.Nat.

Trained at South Pacific College of Natural Therapies in 2000, Vanessa brings over 15 years natural health care experience to our store. She was appointed manager in 2012 and is the co-founder of Advanced Naturopathics, a Christchurch naturopathic clinic.

A former teacher, Vanessa is a registered Naturopath, Medical herbalist and a Bioresonance practitioner.
Vanessa Winter

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