Getting a better nights sleep

Bedtime tips to help you sleep easy

Unwinding at night is not only useful it is beneficial to help you relax before bedtime.


1) Essential oils – add a few drops of lavender oil to an evening bath, or onto a tissue beside your pillow.

2) Meditation  – it decreases the activity of the mind

  • Breathing exercises
  • Low light level (i.e. candle light)
  • Relaxing classical musical may help to assist the unwind process


3) No TV or Facebook – avoid watching TV or using the computer for at least 1½ hours before bed (preferably 2 hours) is a great way to encourage your mind to switch off too!


4) Avoid electromagnetic radiation (EMF) in the bedroom – it disrupts sleep patterns and your hormonal balance

  • Remove all electrical appliances from the bedroom, including your mobile phone
  • Use a battery operated alarm clock, if necessary
  • Unplug an electric blanket from the wall socket prior to getting into bed
  • Do not charge cell phones near the bed


5) A glass a milk! Warm 200ml of milk.  Drink one hour before bed (if appropriate for you)



After 5pm avoid foods containing tyramine. These include:

  • Banana (the riper, the higher the tyramine)
  • Pizza
  • Processed and cured meats
  • Avocado
  • Liver, especially pate
  • Cavier
  • Cheese.  Most aged cheeses contain high tyramine.  Cream and cottage cheese contain virtually none.
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol (especially red wine and champagne)
  • Soy (fermented) i.e. soya sauce, tofu, miso, tempeh


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